Mobile Phone Insurance

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Phone Insurance

Phone Insurance

Unlike most people who invest in a phone for communication purposes only, some go all the way in getting the best as a symbol of their status quo in society. Most of these phones are quiet pricey because they do not just posses unique features, but some are studded with diamonds and gold. It is always important to value the investment you make when buying a phone. Phone insurance is truly one of the most effective ways to secure your phone in case of an unfortunate event, or the need for any phone repairs. It can also save you from high bills that might come when you need to repair your phone. Below are some of the pros and cons about phone insurance.

Your phone is an investment

Your phone has a value attached to it; however the future is always uncertain. Your phone, like any other asset, is prone to loss theft, accidents and much more unfortunate events. Therefore, it is wise for one to identify a suitable insurance cover that would help in securing your phone in case of any of these uncertain events.

Enjoy best phone repair prices

The reasons that drove you to get a unique and outstanding phone might most likely be the same reasons you may not want to go to just any ordinary local phone repair shop, in case your phone needs repair. Economies change and the luxury you have today may not be the same tomorrow. It is therefore, better being safe than sorry, by taking a mobile insurance cover to help you afford the best phone repair services in case of any uncertain events in the future.

Compensation uncertainty

Most insurance companies cover theft, accidental damages, and malicious damages, just to mention but a few. However, in the event you suffer a loss, it does not justify that the insurance company will compensate you or repair the phone for you. They always have to investigate and see that the proximal cause is actually true, and in accordance to the policy terms that you agreed on. It is therefore, necessary to disclose facts about you and the phone before insuring it, and be honest about the cause of loss or damage of your phone when making a claim from the insurance company.


Duration of compensation

The duration of your phone to be repaired or compensated may not be immediate. This is because the insurance company will need to conduct an investigation to ascertain the cause of loss or damage of your phone. This maybe inconveniencing, but the procedure has to be followed. Once everything is cleared, then you are free to be compensated if need be, or the company may take your phone for necessary repairs. In the long run, a little patience would be more rewarding.

Insurance covers are limited

When deciding an insurance cover to settle on, always do your research well. Not all phones have an insurance cover, and matter of fact, the insurance covers offered may not cover everything. This is a shortcoming, on the insurance of these gadgets. It is attributed by the high costs that come with phone replacements. Therefore be very keen on what phone insurance covers before signing any document.

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